Upcoming ICO List

Visit ICORT’s Upcoming ICO List to read detailed initial coin offering (ICO) reviews to find the best upcoming ICO for each portfolio. It takes time for an investor to get ready for an ICO, just as it does the company. ICORT helps investors find an upcoming ICO well in advance. It provides time for investors to review their whitepaper, research their leadership and study their use cases. They’ll also have time to set up their wallet, purchase existing currency and set aside gas fees money.

Kairos ICO


Kairos is a platform developed by an artificial intelligence company that specializes in face recognition. The need for such a platform is quite easy to explain. We know that these are exactly people who play the biggest role in the destiny of any business. The success your business can achieve depends on the number of clients you can attract. The Kairos team firmly believes that if machines are able to recognize a person and define the emotions that he/she feels, there will be a whole new world of opportunities to discover. The hardworking members of the Kairos team managed to resolve all typical problems that arise in terms of face recognition. As a result, they are now able to offer their clients the tools that’ll successfully carry out face analysis. On the basis of the information received, those who run a business can make a decision on what exactly it is that they need to change in their products so that to make them more appealing to potential customers. Read more...

Current ICO


Current is a platform functioning on the basis of the blockchain technology that brings the process of streaming to a whole new level. From now on, only users get to decide how they want to stream and get paid for the content they create. While designing the platform, the Current team took into account the best features of the highly popular media networks. As a result, they can offer the users of the platform an amazing personalized experience. When using the platform, users will be rewarded each time they provide their personal data as well as personal opinion. Besides, the longer they stream, the higher reward they can get. A special token created for this platform allows to reduce subscription costs and carry out the process of purchase faster. Read more...

Sapien Network ICO


Sapien Network is a social news platform of the next generation that allows users not only to receive up-to-date news, but also to engage in discussions with each other, share posts and add friends. All users are given an opportunity to choose on the way they want to browse Sapien. They can do it either anonymously or with their real identity. Apart from the text messages, users can give each other video calls in order to share or discuss something that’s of interest to them. All the data you provide Sapien with are safely secured. Third parties can’t get access to your private conversations with someone.

Neonexchange ICO


Neonexchange is the platform designed for both cryptographic trading process and payments. In comparison with other decentralized exchanges, this one is capable of enabling faster and more complex trades. This is possible due to the fact that the platform is functioning on the basis of NEO blockchain system and has a very powerful off-chain engine. As for the payment service, users will be able to use smart contracts in order to send and receive assets from all over the world. Read more...

Virtue Poker ICO


Virtue Poker is the platform that all those who can’t imagine their lives without poker will love. This is truly the poker of the future. The need for such a platform has long since arisen. The fact is that there is no website or platform for poker players nowadays that can do both provide transparency and gain the trust of the clients. Virtue Poker is the platform that is based on the blockchain technology and functions with the help of smart contracts. The members of the Virtue Poker team believe these 2 things to be a way to successfully prove their trustworthiness towards their clients and guarantee as much transparency as possible. All the payouts are made automatically and immediately. This online poker platform will definitely give users a chance to experience the game on a new level! Read more...