Trading ICOs

ICORT provides easy access to all initial coin offerings (ICOs) related to trading or investing tokens or coins on its Trading page. While active, ongoing and recently closed ICOs appear on our main pages, ICORT features those related to buying, holding and selling cryptocurrency here. Once a related ICO closes, we move it to the Trading page for your easy access. Collecting ICOs topically lets you compare each company’s ideas and see which builds upon another.

Omega One ICO


Omega One platform is aimed at providing traders, investors and institutions with the system that’ll allow them to carry out trade operations automatically across all over the world. The innovation implemented in this platform is that it reduces the risks as well as the cost of the transactions. The members of the Omega team are striving for making their platform “the system of the future” that’ll allow to significantly decrease the liquidity of the crypto markets. Read more...

Dether ICO


Dether is a blockchain platform striving for making the process of buying and selling cryptocurrency easier. Cryptocurrency is becoming more and more popular nowadays. Still, it may be quite hard for some people to get some crypto coins. First of all, this process implies several stages that a person should go through. Not all the people who are interested in investing in crypto currency know what exactly it is that they should do. Besides the process can be rather time-consuming. Once you register on the platform, you’ll be able to easily find people who wish to sell their cryptocurrency. All you need to do is discuss the conditions with these people and then make a deal. If you run a business, you can also use the platform to get paid in cryptocurrency and then exchange it to your local fiat currency so that to avoid volatility. Actually, more and more shops and organizations all over the world accept cryptocurrency as a payment method. It means that you’ll definitely benefit from having some crypto coins in your wallet! Read more...

Republic Protocol ICO


Republic Protocol is the system that allows to carry out large block trading processes. In particular, it serves as a means of helping investors as well as traders to exchange large amounts of cryptocurrencies. The system is proved to be secure from any fraudulent activity possible and it guarantees that the personal data of the users under no condition will be disclosed to third parties. Read more...

NaPoleonX ICO


NaPoleonX is a unique platform that has an ambitious goal to achieve. In particular, the platform is meant to become the biggest crypto asset management system in the world that will offer low-volatility investment solutions. The people who decided to create and develop this platform have more than 50 years of experience in the area of finance and banking. The vast experience allows them to develop highly profitable solutions that the users of the platform will find to be profitable. Read more...

Lendroid ICO


Lendroid is the platform that’s designed so that to tackle the problems that have to do with the centralized exchangers. In other words, the main goal is to create a global pool to which lenders all over the world can add their offers. Once an offer is added, it gets matched to a certain trader that suits its conditions the best. Traders are free to use the funds they borrow the way they find to be the most beneficial to themselves as well as for the lenders from which the money was borrowed. Read more...