Real Business ICOs

ICORT provides easy access to all initial coin offerings (ICOs) related to traditional business and ecommerce on its Real Business page. While active, ongoing and recently closed ICOs appear on our main pages, ICORT features those related to traditonal business models, established firms and ecommerce here. Once a related ICO closes, we move it to the Real Business page for your easy access. Collecting ICOs topically lets you compare each company’s ideas and see which builds upon another.

Electrify.Asia ICO


Electrify.Asia is a unique retail marketplace that is designed with the view of developing a decentralized energy marketplace that functions on the basis of blockchain technology. The platform guarantees transparency and security as far as the question of energy consumption in the Southeast Asia goes. The platform started working in the March of 2017. Since then more than 30GWh of electricity was transacted to commercial and industrial customers. This definitely proves that the platform has a big potential. Read more...

Grain Pre-sale ICO


Grain is the new system that makes the process of working with agreement easy. This blockchain platform processes work agreements and allows to carry out payments due instantly. If you’re sick and tired of paying high additional fees that come with each transaction and you don’t want to bother setting an agreement, this platform is an ideal solution for you. Besides, there is no third party involved in the process. All the funds you send are sent directly to your contractors. As a worker, you’ll forget about such a problem as late payment. All the payments will be made automatically and strictly on time. Read more...

Debitum ICO


Debitum Network is the platform that helps to bring together borrowers, those who are interested in investing their money in a small or medium-sized business as well as a number of other professionals from different areas that ensure the deals made will go smoothly. According to the researches, in 70% of all cases, small to medium-sized business can’t get access to the credit lines they need. As a rule, those starting a business are forced to borrow money from financial institutions that are subjects to certain regulations. Besides, the offers they have may not be suitable for those who only begin to develop their businesses due to the fact that the interest rate is too high. This platform was created with the aim of uniting those with ambitious goals so that they could share their resources and prosper together. All the operations on the platform are carried out via the Ethereum Blockchain. This way it’s ensured that no fraudulent activity in the result of which users lose their money can occur. The system functions on the basis of smart contracts and there are several payment methods available. Residents of different countries can use the platform without any problems because they can pay in their local currency. Read more...