Infrastructure ICOs

ICORT provides easy access to all initial coin offerings (ICOs) related to computing infrastructure on its Infrastructure page. While active, ongoing and recently closed ICOs appear on our main pages, ICORT features those related to blockchain, computig, cryptocurrency and mobile infrastructure here. Once a related ICO closes, we move it to the Infrastructure page for your easy access. Collecting ICOs topically lets you compare each company’s ideas and see which builds upon another.

GoNetwork ICO


GoNetwork is the project that strives for developing a low-cost mobile infrastructure for Ethereum. The platform meets the needs of the traders that are sick and tired of paying too much and waiting for too long. It allows off-chain transaction thus easily resolving these problems. The major goal of the GoNetwork team is to develop a mobile network functioning on the ERC20 Ethereum tokens that’s different from their competitors in terms of the cost the users pay as well as the level of latency and the time they spend on transactions. Read more...

Coinvest ICO


Coinvest is the platform designed so that users can invest in as many cryptocurrencies and index funds as they want without having to register multiple wallets or accounts. Besides, the platform has its own coin. This is exactly the coin the users will use as the main investment tool. Coinvest allows to accumulate rewards for every trading procedure carried out and helps a trader build his/her own portfolio. Each time other users decide to invest in your index fund, you’ll receive 50% reward that is the trading fee that they’re expected to pay. Read more...

TomoCoin ICO


TomoCoin is the platform that was developed so that to change the way we see Internet today and to introduce a new financial system that’ll be not only more secure and transparent, but also more efficient and available to every person in the world. The goals of the team behind this project are to come up with TOMOCHAIN that’ll have scalable blockchain infrastructure and guarantee an easy process of token integration and create an app that’ll respect users’ privacy rights and serve as a network of contributors. Besides, the team also plans to develop a unique wallet in which all the tokens will be securely kept. Read more...

Bankera ICO


Bankera is a revolutionary platform that introduces a new form of banking. We are living in the era of technologies. These technologies are meant to do our lives as simple and comfortable as possible. Nowadays, more and more people prefer carrying out transactions and making payments online. This platform aims to meet the needs of modern people who never miss out on the opportunity to take the advantage of the latest technology. It’s a banking service by means of which a user can not only carry out various payments in fiat and cryptocurrencies, but also lend money he/she has to someone and get interest for doing so on a regular basis. Read more...



CPChain is the infrastructure of the new generation that’s striving for creating new foundation and opportunities in terms of the Internet of Things. The main goal to achieve is to build a data platform for IoT system that’ll allow distributed storage and encryption computation while being based on the blockchain technologies. As a result, we’ll get a universal solution to the process of data acquisition, storage and sharing. Read more...