Exchange Data Service ICOs

ICORT provides easy access to all initial coin offerings (ICOs) related to exchange data services on its Exchange Data Service page. While active, ongoing and recently closed ICOs appear on our main pages, ICORT features those related to exchange data services on the blockchain here. Once a related ICO closes, we move it to the Exchange Data Service page for your easy access. Collecting ICOs topically lets you compare each company’s ideas and see which builds upon another.

Thrive ICO


Thrive is the blockchain that allows the users to decide on the quality of the advertisements on the Internet. This is the place where you can purchase or sell your advertisement so that to pay as little additional fees as possible. The users are rewarded each time they share information or asses the quality of a website. By welcoming users and consumers to take part in the process of assessing the quality of the advertising content and providing their opinion, the platform ensures that the advertisement you’ll create will definitely meet the needs of your clients. The system of the blockchain is developed with the view of guaranteeing its 100% safety, no data can be edited or deleted.

Ocean Protocol ICO


Ocean Protocol is a decentralized platform that allows people to monetize and share their data. The platform is developed with the view of tackling the problems that exist in the area of data exchange. One of the biggest problems at present is that people don’t feel like sharing the data they have with data exchanges. The reason for it is a lack of trust on the part of the people towards these organizations. The Ocean Protocol team resolves this problem by guaranteeing transparency and allowing people to really have control over the information they have. As a result, the Ocean Protocol platform gets both information and a chance to contribute to the appearance of new innovations in the area of Artificial Intelligence. The crux of the matter is that without information there can happen no breakthroughs in the area. Read more...

EximChain ICO


EximChain is a blockchain platform that provides those who run a business with a set of tools they need to connect with each other. In particular, the tools offered by the platform help to successfully get rid of the barriers that supply chains can come across thus bringing all the “small” and “big” players in one united and secured global network. The system of smart contracts on the basis of which the processes on the platform are carried out makes it easier for banks to check the validity of the orders placed. Besides, this system is also beneficial to suppliers. Since the history of the transactions carried out gets saved, suppliers have a real evidence that proves their reliability to potential clients and rating institutions. Read more...

Crowd Genie ICO


Crowd Genie is the platform is developed with the view of making the process of lending money to small and medium-sized businesses as easy and transparent as possible. The teams main goal is to a Loans Asset for businesses that can successfully function across Asia. The platform implies several stages every potential user should go through before he/she is given the right to start trading loans and other assets. In particular, users are expected to provide personal data that will be verified. This is required because potential lenders need to know whom they borrow their money. The tokens you can buy with the platform have several benefits. The most important of them is that they allow holders to lend their money to the startup companies that are located abroad. The process goes faster and more smoothly than when dealing with fiat currencies. It’s also important to say that borrowers can build their trust “scores” by paying off the sum they borrowed on time. Read more...

Metronome ICO


Metronome is a new cryptocurrency that’s designed so that to bring the biggest profit possible to its holders. Besides, while the currency was being developed, special attention was paid to the mistakes made in the cases of the previous cryptocurrency. This was necessary due to the fact that the developers want to make their currency reliable, stable and able to function on a long-term basis. Metronome is the cryptocurrency of a higher standard that is already supported by lots of partners and advisors. Read more...