Ended ICO List

Visit ICORT’s Ended ICO List to read about the ones that got away. You missed their ICO, but can still purchase these tokens or coins through an exchange. Most will remain low-cost in the time period immediately after their ICO. You’ll find the same review information and tweets as ICORT’s other great pages. Look for videos, detailed graphics explaining the ICO platform (provided by the firm) and, when available, the results of the ICO.

The Bee Token ICO


THE BEE TOKEN The Bee Token is the platform on which those who are passionate about travelling can find an apartment to stay at and pay for it with the help of the original token that serves as the main payment method on the platform. The aim that the Bee Token team is trying to achieve is to create a peer-to-peer network that’s beneficial to both hosts and guests. Read more...

Debitum ICO


Debitum Network is the platform that helps to bring together borrowers, those who are interested in investing their money in a small or medium-sized business as well as a number of other professionals from different areas that ensure the deals made will go smoothly. According to the researches, in 70% of all cases, small to medium-sized business can’t get access to the credit lines they need. As a rule, those starting a business are forced to borrow money from financial institutions that are subjects to certain regulations. Besides, the offers they have may not be suitable for those who only begin to develop their businesses due to the fact that the interest rate is too high. This platform was created with the aim of uniting those with ambitious goals so that they could share their resources and prosper together. All the operations on the platform are carried out via the Ethereum Blockchain. This way it’s ensured that no fraudulent activity in the result of which users lose their money can occur. The system functions on the basis of smart contracts and there are several payment methods available. Residents of different countries can use the platform without any problems because they can pay in their local currency. Read more...

Insights Network ICO


Insights Network is a blockchain platform that aims at not only protecting the rights of a user who creates any type of information, but also giving them a possibility to manage it and earn money for sharing it. There are 2 types of users on the platform. If you choose to be a Requester, you can get access to the data you need. The process is organized so that you don’t have to wait for a long time. Besides, this platform allows you to forget about the need to ask databrokers for help. If you choose to be a Provider, it means that you have valuable information to share. Each time you do it, you’ll be rewarded tokens. Read more...



COLU is a payment blockchain network that’s meant to allow people to use cryptocurrencies to pay for their everyday purchases and connect fiat money to tokens. Cryptocurrencies slowly but surely become a part of our lives. The mission of this platform is to help people see that cryptocurrencies is a payment method of the “next generation” that’s more convenient for several reasons. First of all, they can be used to pay for the purchases across the globe without any additional charges. Besides, all the operations are carried out immediately. It means that a person whom you send money will receive it in several minutes without the need to wait for several days. Read more...

Winding Tree ICO


Winding Tree project can be considered to be a new perspective in terms of travelling. It’s meant to reduce the travelling costs not only for the travelers themselves, but also for the providers. It’s an open-source travel distribution platform that’s based on blockchain technology. Apart from the fact that the system reduces the fees that an average traveler is expected to pay, it also helps to bring small travel agencies “back in the game” thus making the travel industry more diverse. All transactions on the platform are carried out with the help of Lif token – a universal payment “tool” that can be used by travelers to pay for the things they need during their vacation as well as by the suppliers and those who offer travel packages. The platform allows the sellers of travel packages to buy everything they need in one place. Providers also benefit from using the platform. They can ship the things that are needed for travelling directly to the points of sale right on time. Read more...