Blockchain ICOs

 ICORT provides easy access to all initial coin offerings (ICOs) related to blockchain technology on its Blockchain page. While active, ongoing and recently closed ICOs appear on our main pages, ICORT features those related to developments and innovations in blockchain technology here. Once a related ICO closes, we move it to the Blockchain page for your easy access. Collecting ICOs topically lets you compare each company’s ideas and see which builds upon another.

Telegram ICO


Telegram ICO. One of the most popular social networks is finally introducing its own cryptocurrency to the market. It’s estimated that the holders of the cryptocurrency will be able to get 10 times as much as the amount of money they invested during the ICO. There are certain facts that serve as a solid proof of the success of the ICO the company is planning to start soon. First of all, Telegram is a very popular messenger that has a transparent business model and more than 200.000.000 users by now which highly speaks of the trust people all over the world have towards it. Moreover, the messenger has a better and more reliable blockchain system and has all the chances to become one of the most popular platforms for discussing the news from the world of cryptocurrencies. Read more...

FundRequest ICO


FundRequest is a decentralized marketplace, a special system that will open new opportunities for custom support thus turning out to be advantageous to developers, users and businesses. Open-source developers spend of their time working on the software that’ll be beneficial to the community. The crux of the matter is that they don’t always receive the reward for this hard work. FundRequest is going to change it. They won’t only get paid for the work they do, but they’ll also have a chance to start building their reputation. Each time they finish a project, the employer will be requested to leave feedback. As for those who run businesses, they’ll be able to find professionals who’ll take care of the issues needed to be solved. Users will be given a chance to take part in the development of the tools by providing their personal opinion on what exactly it is that should be improved Read more...

Fusion ICO


Fusion is the platform that marks the beginning of a new Era of cryptofinancial operations. It’s a public blockchain that strives for becoming an all-inclusive platform thus uniting the world of crypto funds. This is possible on the basis of the unusual smart contracts. In particular, the protocol of the platform unites different tokens, off-chain values and data sources so that it’s easy for people to help each other meanwhile getting benefits and contributing to the world outside. Read more...

LiveEdu ICO


LIVEEDU LiveEdu is the platform that allows anyone who’s interested in acquiring new knowledge to find a person who’ll provide it. Learning online whether via any platforms or Skype is the trend that’s becoming more and more popular nowadays. The LiveEdu team is aiming at making their project one of the best platforms that people who’re seeking for the opportunities to develop and grow by increasing the knowledge they have will use Read more...

Hade ICO


Hade is the platform that strives for creating TIFs consisting of the Ethereum and ERC-20 tokens. The tokens will have different levels of risks as well as usage potential. Those who are lucky to own HADE tokens will be able to take advantage of the premium services offered by the platform. For example, these holders will be able to purchase advertisements via the HADE Advertising Network that’s going to be created soon.