Active ICO List

The Initial Coin Offering Reviews Top (ICORT) Active ICO List provides detailed reviews of active ICO events. It offers insight into each company’s blockchain technology, financial background and leadership. The active ICOs are ongoing and open to the public. It features a short preview of each of the ongoing ICOs. Click on “Read more…” to open a full page dedicated to the ICO with live tweets from its leadership embedded, detailed graphics illustrating its value to the blockchain and insight into the ICO’s investment value.

Thrive ICO


Thrive is the blockchain that allows the users to decide on the quality of the advertisements on the Internet. This is the place where you can purchase or sell your advertisement so that to pay as little additional fees as possible. The users are rewarded each time they share information or asses the quality of a website. By welcoming users and consumers to take part in the process of assessing the quality of the advertising content and providing their opinion, the platform ensures that the advertisement you’ll create will definitely meet the needs of your clients. The system of the blockchain is developed with the view of guaranteeing its 100% safety, no data can be edited or deleted.

RightMesh ICO


RightMesh is the platform that makes connecting billions of users living in places without infrastructure to the rest of the world. The CEO and all those people who took part in the development of the platform firmly believe that by giving people a possibility to connect to each other they’ll change the world. It’s hard to argue with it due to the fact that when people have a chance to help each other they can literally do anything. According to statistics, more than half of all the world population has no access to the shared information including the information concerning education resources and healthcare. The RightMesh team is aimed at turning each smartphone into a node so that to establish networks by means of which it’ll be possible to improve social and economic conditions under which people live. Read more...

PolySwarm ICO


PolySwarm is a revolutionary blockchain-based platform that aims to providing security experts with a place where they can develop the best anti-malware software that’ll keep you protected. One of the biggest issues nowadays is that the sums of money spend on resolving problems caused by cybercrimes are becoming bigger and bigger. Besides, experts, as a rule, don’t have enough time to pay attention to all the threats and attacks that happen. To make things even worse, the process of resolving an attack is very time-consuming and it may even so happen that experts fail to react on time. The platform developed by the PolySwarm team that consists of skilled security experts is meant to change this situation for the better. Read more...

Stream ICO


STREAM is the blockchain platform that has 2 major goals. The first one is to link the content available on the Internet and its target audience. This way those who start advertising campaigns with the view of attracting more clients can be sure that their efforts won’t be made in vain. The 2nd one is guaranteeing that those who created free content and made it available to everyone will be able to profit from the content. Read more...

Coinvest ICO


Coinvest is the platform designed so that users can invest in as many cryptocurrencies and index funds as they want without having to register multiple wallets or accounts. Besides, the platform has its own coin. This is exactly the coin the users will use as the main investment tool. Coinvest allows to accumulate rewards for every trading procedure carried out and helps a trader build his/her own portfolio. Each time other users decide to invest in your index fund, you’ll receive 50% reward that is the trading fee that they’re expected to pay. Read more...