About Us

Who We Are

ICO Reviews Top (ICORT) combines a knowledgeable team of cryptocurrency and blockchain enthusiasts with useful tools that help consumers make informed decisions on potential cryptocurrency investments. We aren’t financial analysts, and we do not recommend one initial coin offering over another. We build and provide the tools that help consumers make those decisions on their own. We provide a dedicated staff that works 24 hours a day to provide you the best information. Our experienced staff hail from the following industries:

  • Blockchain & cryptocurrency technology
  • Global finance & currency trading
  • Project management and entrepreneurship

Our Mission

Founded in 2018, ICORT makes it our mission to make it easy for users to find the best ICOs. We strive to provide useful and transparent information on ICOs, helping consumers find projects with great potential for success.

Our Platform

We provide an initial coin offering list, information, and links to numerous reliable cryptocurrency tokens and blockchain ICOs. We constantly update our ICO list and cryptocurrency projects list.

We also want to help foster quality blockchain projects. We help blockchain entrepreneurs seeking to raise capital to reach interested investors.

Our platform offers quality ICOs a marketing platform. They can pay a fee for a featured slot, but their purchase requires them to adhere strictly to our information and professionalism requirements. We request specific information from each project before we list it. Rather than merely relying on the quantity of information, we focus on quality. We ask for what a currency investor needs to know to evaluate if the underlying blockchain project is likely to cause its cryptocurrency to gain value.

Our Tools

While we plan to grow, we begin our journey as your resource by offering the following beneficial tools:

  • An ICO calendar
  • Information and analysis by ICO project
  • ICO Rank, an ICO ranking system
  • A bounty list
  • News updates on our Facebook, Twitter, and Telegram
  • ICO education pages
  • Cryptocurrency & blockchain research

How We Determine Quality

We developed ICO Rank, an algorithm that allows us to measure the likelihood of success of an ICO. No ICO makes it into Coinschedule now without achieving a positive score using ICO Rank. Since our ranking system shows ICOs where they’re lacking, the transparency of our project helps them improve their information to consumers.

ICORT helps our readers assess risk by reviewing the actual teams behind offerings, using structured criteria. We analyze all aspects, but weight criteria such as transparency and team strength over slick marketing.

  • Our analysts delve into team member backgrounds, especially ones with prior business and ICO experience.
  • We also scrutinize the technology and available codebase, the project maturity and its progress.
  • We utilize industry leading advisors and aggregate data sources to evaluate further the core components of what makes a successful project before, during, and after the token sale. (We analyze the technology, viability of the idea, hype, potential risks, team members, advisory board and important partnerships.)
  • We consider transparency a key factor in our reviews, including responsiveness to our inquiries about the projects we examine.
  • We evaluate marketing efforts, including social media and community engagement.

Our Take On Cryptocurrency Purchasing

The blockchain ICO provides new territory. Its cryptocurrencies can help the unbanked, and its business contributions grow daily. ICOs remain highly speculative, though. Every ICO online doesn’t qualify as a quality business investment or coin purchase. Each consumer needs to conduct extensive research on an ICO before spending any money.

What We Ask of You

We want to become the go-to ICO list and cryptocurrency resource for analysts, journalists, and potential investors. We request your feedback. We especially want to know if you feel anything we publish comes off as dubious or misleading. We believe we are an important part of the blockchain and cryptocurrency ICO technology spectrum. We will provide a decentralized, borderless and efficient service to stakeholders in the industry.